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The Frogalog Monster is one of the coolest monsters in the game. Combining the design of a fierce and powerful Plant element creature that looks like this Frog!

“Unlike their forest-dwelling cousins, the Frogalog enjoys cold, damp areas, like marshes, swamps, and lagoons. The Frogalog loves nothing more than terrorizing any humans that come close enough to its habitat, be it a beleaguered fisherman, unscrupulous mobster, or unsuspecting teenage couples. Frogalog monsters leave their prey to run away, and as much, many scary stories are based off the Frogalog’s exploits.”

Monster Story – Frogalog Monster

Monster Story Frogalog Monster Baby

ElementsMonster Story Blue ElementMonster Story Green element icon

Rarity: Super Rare
Hatching Time: 10 Hours
Buying Price:  500Monster Story Gold icon
Selling Price: 100 Monster Story Coin icon
Habitat: Blue Habitat, Green
Level Requirement: 9
Evolution Time: 10 Hours

Frogalog Monster breeding guide

To breed a  Frogalog Monster you are to use a Tree Rex Monster and Blue Blob Monster
Keep in mind the level of your breeding monsters does not matter however your breeding level does.

The position of left or right also does not affect the breeding process in Monster Story. This is a rare monster oppose to a common monster.

Frogalog Monster Evolution Guide

The Frogalog Monster Evolution has 4 evolution stages in Monster Story and they are very special evolution stages.

Egg – The Egg Form of your monster in Monster Story app game.
Baby- Is hatched from the egg in your Nest.
Teen – You can evolve into the Teen stage when you reach the end of level 3 then use the evolution Totem.
Adult – You can evolve into the Adult stage when you reach the end of level 6 then use the evolution Totem.
Epic – You can evolve into the Epic stage when you reach the end of level 9 then use the evolution Totem.


The earnings for this monster changes through levels so each level you’ll see an increase in earnings.

Level Food Earnings Level Earnings Food
Level 1  2  300 Level 6  1440 165
Level 2  10  480 Level 7  1710  400
Level 3  20  630 Level 8  1935 810
Level 4  55  900 Level 9  2160 1650
Level 5  82  1170 Level 10  2400 Max

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